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Return to Learning 2020

8/6/2020 DVA Eagles: We are checking in to see if you have the materials necessary for “at home” learning. If you need to borrow a chromebook, please complete the chromebook request form at: Thank you, DVA Eagles! 

8/4/2020 DVA Eagles: Late Monday afternoon, our State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced that “Arizona is not currently in a place to resume in-person or hybrid learning by August 17.” Since Arizona is experiencing high community spread, it is strongly believed that students and teachers should not be congregating in our school facilities. Therefore, DVA Eagles will begin school on 8/17 using our “at home” learning path provided by DVA educators. We will continue to send frequent updates regarding successful at home learning and our “Meet and Greet”, where you will be able to meet the teacher and pick up classroom supplies such as books and workbooks. Here is a link to our “At Home” supply list.

Back to School

DVA Eagles: Today at his press conference, Gov. Ducey shared that schools would be receiving guidance from local health departments to develop metrics for a safe reopening. At this time, our target date remains August 17, giving us time to prepare and train in order to safely offer both “at school” and “at home” learning. We will keep you updated as more guidelines are released. Our leadership team has been at school working to develop effective learning plans for all students. The opportunity to select “at home” or “at school” will be forthcoming. We love DVA and look forward to August 17!