Dress Code Policy

Normal School Day:
Navy blue or white uniform style Polo shirts w/DVA logo
Khaki or navy blue uniform style pants, shorts, skirts, capri pants, jumper–w/DVA logo, etc.
Jackets: Blue zip up hoodie w/DVA logo
Socks are to be worn with shoes on a daily basis
Shoes must be entirely enclosed; sneakers are required on P.E. day
OPTIONAL: Maroon DVA spirit shirt or blue “I love DVA” spirit shirt, worn on school spirit day (Thursday)
**Jeans or denim material, spandex, warm-ups, and sweatpants, are not considered uniform attire
**Stripes, embroidery, designs, logos are not considered uniform style

P.E. Uniform:
Grey t-shirt w/DVA Physical Education screen print
Solid grey shorts or grey sweatpants are required
Socks and sneakers are required to be worn on P.E. day
**Recommend purchasing PE uniform from ZTrendz
**Yoga pants and leggings are not considered P.E. attire

***To ensure that your purchase meets school requirements, we highly recommend purchasing from the designated school vendors provided.

Please use this link to see examples of our dress code

Uniform Prices

Below you will find a list of our approved vendors; click the respective links to see pricing.
*We recommend that you purchase P.E. uniforms from ZTrendz. 

(928) 783-3370
8th St & Orange Ave.

Desy’s School Uniforms
(928) 783-1883
1450 S. 4th Ave.

Graphic Loom
(928) 597-1144
11411 S Fortuna Rd Suite 108