School Lunch


Desert View Schools utilizes e~Funds, an electronic payment system for school lunches. With e~Funds, you can eliminate having to give cash or a check to your child to refill his/her lunch account. e~Funds provides a “Registration Guide” to walk you through creating an account and using this service. Prior to setting up your account, please obtain your family or student number from our office staff.

You may access the e~Funds website by clicking the link above or here.

Online Lunch Menu

Desert View Academy partners with Preferred Meals to provide healthy and nutritious lunches. Every Preferred Meal meets USDA’s Healthier US School Challenge Silver Level nutritional requirements. Every Preferred Meal is free from certain artificial colors and flavors, MSG, brominated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup. Preferred Meals never contain aspartame, saccharin, bleached or bromated flour. Milk provided by Preferred Meals is rBST hormone free. Whole grain is utilized in 100% of grain products.

Preferred Meals provides the lunch menu on their website. View the current lunch menu by clicking on the link above or here. 

Guidelines for Charging Lunches

Lunch Application

Lunch Bid RFP