Class Celebrations/Birthday Announcements

Class/Birthday celebrations are always exciting. At DVA, we set aside a time at the end of each month to celebrate the monthly birthdays. State nutritional guidelines, ARS 15-242, serve as a reference for treats.

All treats must be store bought and pre-packaged. Fruit and vegetable drinks containing less than 100% juice are not permitted.

Due to parent input, we have modified our policy regarding birthday treats. Cupcakes or cookies with vanilla or chocolate frosting colored frosting will be permitted. We ask that foods with artificial dyes, such as red, blue, yellow, and any combination of the colors, are not sent to school for class celebrations. Research shows that these dyes are not healthy for children. Has your child ever come home with his/her uniform shirt covered in brightly colored cupcake frosting? The colors stain clothing, tables, walls, and carpets. Just imagine what it does to a child’s insides!

Vegetable/fruit trays, cheese and crackers, cookies, muffins, trail mix, popcorn, etc. are also welcome treats. Due to limited freezer space, we ask that popsicles and ice cream treats remain at home.

Parents providing treats are welcome to walk to the classroom in the morning before school. If the teacher is on duty, please leave the treat in the hallway next to the classroom door.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions please contact the office.


Parents/Guardians: Your child’s birthday is a special occasion. How would you like hundreds of people to know it is your child’s big day? You now have the opportunity to post your child’s birthday on our beautiful digital marquee, where everyone driving by on 16th street can read it. Imagine the excitement your child will feel when s/he reads his/her name in lights, flashing for all to see!

Announcements are just $5.00 each. All funds will be deposited into DVA’s student activities account. Birthday notices need to be submitted a minimum of one week in advance of the student’s birthday. Please see the office for Birthday forms or further details.