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FAQ for Parents Regarding a Possible Walk-out Plan

FAQ for Parents Regarding Possible Walk-out Plan

There are a number of questions about what a potential walk-out and school shutdown may look like and how it would impact our school.  Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers.

How will I find out if Desert View Academy is closed?

Please only rely on the official communication for information regarding school closing. DVA will use our parent notification system, website, and school social media account to communicate information regarding closing.  For a missed phone call, please check the voicemail message before calling the school, as staff will not be available at the school.

How will you determine if school needs to be closed?

DVA will be closed if we determine there is not adequate staff to maintain campus security and student safety.  

How much notice will I have if there is a closure?

DVA’s priority is timely communication. As we learn information we will share what we learn and any decisions we make regarding closing school.  The first such communication will occur on April 24th.

If school is closed, would the school year be extended?      

Yes. According to state laws and current policies, any day that school is closed would have to be made up.  In the event that a school day needs to be made up, we will be providing those specific details to parents.

If school is closed, would the Twilight Arts Exhibition take place as scheduled on April 26th?

No. If school is closed, the Twilight Arts Exhibition will be rescheduled.

If school doesn’t close but has limited staff, will bus transportation to and from school still be provided?

If school is open, transportation will continue to be provided.

If DVA is open with limited staff and I send my child, what can I expect will happen that day?

The top priority will be the safety and security of the campus. There may be limited academic instruction and support services.  

If DVA is closed for more than one day, how often will I receive communication?

Parents can expect daily communication if school is closed for more than one day.

What support will DVA offer to families?

If a walk-out occurs, and the school does not have adequate staff to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, our best method is to close school. We have notified families of the possibility of a walk-out and we have asked parents to make a plan for alternate arrangements for their children if a walk-out occurs. DVA will not have staff to provide any services on site.  



Ahoy Mateys! It is time to set sail on the AzMERIT.

Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be testing April 10-12, and April 17-19.

AzMERIT provides students an opportunity to “show what they know” in the areas of writing, language arts, and math. All assessments are accessed and completed via a digital platform; gone are the days of “bubbling in” the correct choice.

You can help ensure quality testing by:
~Getting plenty of rest by going to bed early
~Eating a healthy breakfast
~Arriving at school on time; no later than 7:45
~Bringing a book to read when test is completed

Do your BEST on the TEST!

An assembly was held to encourage our young mates as they embark on their testing journey. Click here to view the pirate video.


Pennies for Patients 2018

Congratulations, DVA Eagles, on your generosity during this year’s Pennies for Patients fundraiser. During the month of February, we collected $14,549.03. Woo Hoo! Since 2004, DVA has donated a total of $116,027.64 to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to help fight blood cancers. Thanks for being a superhero!

Click on this video of our Pennies for Patients celebration, where our Eagles dunked their principals!