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We are so excited about our fundraiser, February 3-21, to support the heroes who are battling Leukemia and Lymphoma. To date, DVA is the #1 fundraising school in Arizona, donating $130,879.33 to the fight against blood disease. That means we have donated 13 MILLION pennies! We are SO close to the 15 million pennies mark, which is an award that has never been given out to any school in Arizona. If you stack those pennies, they would almost triple the height of Mount Everest!

This year, our school-wide goal is $10,000. If we surpass our goal, we will have a school-wide ice cream sundae party. Each classroom has a goal of $250. The classroom that raises the most money will be treated to a pasta party, hosted by Olive Garden. Which class will earn this delicious prize?

When we reach $5000, Ms. Weigel will dress up like a unicorn and ride a tricycle for a day! When we reach $10,000, who knows what she will do? Students are submitting ideas for her to choose from. We know it will be great!

Do you want to know more about fighting blood disease? Check out this video.

When heroes get together, we CHANGE cancer!